What is Bespoke Ultralight

BeUL is primarily a custom builder of most things fabric based for ultralight backpacking, camping, hammocking, bike-packing and all of those other familiar activities. As such there won’t be a sales website, mass production or anything else like that any time soon. What I am hoping for though is to develop this website with more pictures and details of my previous builds so a quick browse can give you a pretty good idea of what I can do and what you may like me to build. I love the idea that a truly unique one off topquilt or bivy bag can be made and sent anywhere in the world and can go on exciting adventures while providing that deep down satisfaction that only hand made can provide.


The bigger companies don’t really supply to people who are particularly tall, broad, wide or tiny: a large part of what I do is catering to non average sizes. A good portion of what I do is such things as supplying a bivy bag to a guy who is over 6’6 who isn’t average width (shock horror) or the beefy bushcrafter who needs a tougher hammock. I’m also often asked to push the weight of a quilts down into the SUL range or to build a goretex quilt, always fun to work on these projects 🙂

I love what I do for a living now and actually think I’m pretty decent at it too (immodest ?), I know I’m a pain in not having lots of bits listed as a buy it now and having to ask for prices but I really believe that me building unique one of a kind items is the way I’d wish to run my business for myself and for any customers, all while keeping quality high and Britain manufacturing.

I’ll be continuing to keep up my  BeUL Instagram page and eBay Shop

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